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How can I make 'auto' populated galleries

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Community saint

How can I make 'auto' populated galleries

I want to make a gallery that looks like a normal gallery but is 'auto' populated by selecting images from other existing galleries by subject or some other selector.

Kind of like if several galleries are full of all kinds of car photos and I want to make other seperate galleries, one for BMW's and one for Volkswagons and one for MG's

Is there a way to use a search module or the catalogue system to do this. If the GALLERY/ADD IMAGE section had an option to select from the website images by KEYWORD this would be really usefull.

I know I can go through by hand and select one from here and one from there and so forth but I think ocPortal is so much more powerfull than that that there must be a more dynamic way to create pages on the fly within the CMS.

Open to any suggestions. Thanks.

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