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#95045 (In Topic #18926)

Non-joined user

I just can't find a way to validate posts. How do I do this?


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Community saint

From your admin-status screen is a possibilty. You will see a task to respond on. Photo community  (dutch)
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Honoured member

I thought I had the program set up so that a member could self-validate.  Someone posted a comment and it waited for me to validate.  Also, when I went in and checked his profile it tells me he hasn't been on in 14 days.

OCPortal_Validate_LastOn - YouTube  approx 1 min

I was just going to also mention that I found it pecular that I didn't get an message telling me I needed to validate.

An email just came and told me about the post. It appears it was generated becaue I validated it.  Seems a little late.  Interestingly it tells me the post was made by guest.  Notice also the post time was last night at 8:30.

There has been a new post by Guest. This notification was sent due to your notification settings.

You may view the post from the following link:
View topic: Single Hauler Trash Service -

The post is as follows:

Guest said   

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Honoured member

I managed to upload a new photo which removed the standard photo but didn't replace it with my photo.  Wonder if this is because I uploaded the photo in .png format, the photo is the wrong size or so many people add pictures of naked people that someone has to validate this change first?
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Right, let's see if I can guess the answers to these mysteries…

  1. Validation being required – maybe the permissions involved aren't as you think, see '3' below
  2. Member posted even though member not recently logged in – they could have logged in as invisible, or see '3'
  3. Post notification says is by a guest – it is in this case, but the guy has put in his name for the poster name manually (OCF allows you to do that); I imagine this guy just doesn't like using the 'remember me' login feature ;).
  4. No validation email – make sure you enable it for your admin account, in your account's notification settings
  5. Photo did not change – I cannot explain this, or reproduce it. Can you reproduce it? Can anyone else? Perhaps it's not actually a valid PNG file and the browser can't show it? OCF does not have pre-validation of photos, although the admin can choose to be notified if they are changed.

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