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how to restrict whole site to paid membership only

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#92138 (In Topic #18494)

Fan in action

im doing this to eliminate spamming

im going to charge $1 for new users of my site
my way of discouraging hardcore spammers

i cant figure out how to do it

any tips?


ps: wow ocp is really feature-rich / but learning it is hard / but im sticking to it

Im using ocPortal to create - a place for disabled people (like me) to provide mutual support to each other, and in doing so, they are empowered to become more inclusive, successful, and contributing citizens in society. It is also for anyone who is supportive of the rights and pursuit of happiness of people with disabilities. So, on behalf of the 1.2 billion disabled people in the world, I humbly thank this community for all assistance received.
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Community saint

You could user Usergroup Subscriptions then allow only those groups permission to access the parts of the site you want them in.
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