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#105961 (In Topic #20674)

Fan in action

So many options and ways to separate things and also to tie them together so I thought I'd ask here before I create tons of content that might have been better done as another type of content.  
  1. Are catalog fields reusable for another catalog? I'm thinking about database size and how true databases work where, for instance, "Smith" goes into the db once and only once. Do catalogs work anything like that?
  2. Is there any way to display people's articles(blog) other than featuring them? Something along the lines of an index of articles. Personal blogs seem kind of buried out of the box.
  3. I'm going to have recipes as one type of content. I'd like people's recipes to be as blog posts or maybe make a special form but I want them to be in each member's personal area yet also in a central location. I'd like it to be automatic rather than every time someone posts a recipe(which I would have no way of knowing) I have to link it. Doable? Method?

Thanks, John

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Community saint

Hi John,

Regarding your questions, I can offer some 'limited answers' based on what I have learned in my time here.

1. From what I understand, yes. It mentions it in the documentation but I have never attempted it so am not entirely sure of the method.

2. Member submitted Blogs are listed under the Blog tab on their profiles, and you can add a Block (the News block will allow you to show blogs entries only) to an existing or new page to list all the recent entries.

3. I think if you create a news category called Recipes and allow members to post news to that category this will achieve what you want to do. News and Blogs are pretty much the same thing in ocPortal.
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