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#22342 (In Topic #5396)

Community saint

If a description is multiple lines and the forums are minimised on start up

This seems to happen with long descriptions in the CATEGORY and when the category is marked as minimised or in other words the check box "expand by default" is NOT checked. :(

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Remove this:


.ocf_forum_category_description {
   margin-top: {$BROWSER,ie,-1px,0}; /* Fix intermmitant firefox bug */ /* IE hack to stop 'rubbing out' of div on scrolling */
from the no_cache.css file of your theme (you can edit the CSS inside ocPortal).

It seems that a workaround we made for an IE6 bug has (presumably due to changes in version 3) triggered yet another far more devestating IE6 bug (the problem was far worse than the screenshot indicated). These bugs don't seem to happen in IE7-beta, and I don't think our original workaround is necessary anymore due to all the changes we made in v3.

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