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Help with Install error message

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#42462 (In Topic #9475)


Sorry if it seems I'm peppering you folks with a lot of questions…

I'm in the process of learning the configuration options and at the same time have transferred to what I believe will be a better domain host. After uploading a fresh copy of v3.2.10 and starting the install process, I receive the following error message when trying to execute install.php and submitting the form containing management and db info…

If it helps, this server uses Linux, Php 5.2.6, and MySql 5.0.51a-community. I recently set my DNS settings to point to this hoster and had no problems FTP'ing the files up with 100% success.

Also if it helps diagnose, the default file permissions were all at 644. I changed install.php to 755 (not sure if that would make any difference or not).

Any insight or input greatly appreciated. Hopefully it's not some server incompatibilities?

Thanks in advance.
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That's a really weird one - I've never seen that error before.

What happens when you go to…
and also:

I am guessing you'll get the same error, but not in a popup.

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Ok, working now

I read on a few posts regarding someone else using php 5+ and took a few ideas.

- added "www" to domain name in browser (not sure if that had an effect or not)
- disabled Javascript in browser

Then it forwarded past the data page and started listing file permission errors (not writable), so to speed up the installation, I mass chomod the entire directory to 777 (it's password protected for now so no concern about malicious access…will remove this once up and running).

Once that was done, installation was flawless. I'll return later and chomod files and folders back to what should be their working permissions (644 or 744?)

Weird, but seems to be fine now.

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