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Hello Everyone, I hope this post is ok in this forum

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Fan in training

introduction, lookin for collaborators

My name is Dave and I am considering building an OC Portal website, actually considering it very heavily, well actually 2 or more websites lol. What I am is a web designer who became disabled, and because of that I can still design, but the coding part is very very hard for me at the present time and possibly forever. So, I still have a site I want to design called SchizArt, what it is supposed to be is an online guild/gallery/community for artists with Schizophrenia (hence the phrase schiz) and other mental illnesses.

As I said, I can design the layout that is not a problem, the problem is putting the layout into CSS etc, and also customizing the modules etc to meet my needs. I have played around with quite a few of them and I have to say this one rocks and i love it, but at the same time I am not sure which direction I need to head in customizing it to meet our needs.

So, if anyone is available who could assist somehow it would be SO appreciated, and if it is directly associated with OcPortal I would be more than happy to keep the link at the bottom and add you in somewhere in the site prominently so that people know who is behind the success of the site.

I appreciate your time in reading this and I look forward to anyone who wants to lend a hand, give advice or whatever it may be. I have posted a link below so you can view the layout.

Thank you,


 I am a member of an online community for people with mental illness. I am going to be talking to the administrators about seeing if they would like to update the site with OC Portal, if they say yes it would take some backend coding to do the migration from the old forum and CMS (if they even use one it is so old) to OC. If you did this it would be one of the most prominent domains for this topic, so if you would like that on your resume please let me know as well. 

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