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Got myself into a PayPal IPN pickle

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Had two subscriptions set up and working nicely with PayPal.

However ipns have been disabled because the old forum that we used had some recurring payments sent to it by PayPal and the url got bounced, so PayPal switched ipn off.

Now going into PayPal I need to turn ipn back on but it is asking for a Notification URL - I do not have a clue as to what that might be as it is something that OCP would of setup.

Once I get the URL right will re-sending the ipn's work, ie will OCP receive them even though some of the transactions were a day ago ?

Worst case is I can do a manual transaction.

Is the same ipn url used for all OCP subscriptions?

What worries me even more is whether recurring subscriptions from the old site are going to stop the ipn's every time ?

Help !

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Community saint


I managed to resolve it and thought I would post up how to save others the grief.

It turns out that PayPal will try the ipn url several times before it gives up and blocks all ipn sending for your PayPal account. Now this is a real downer if you do not have the old site available anymore - especially if like us you are using the same domain name for your new site. So anytime a recurring repayment happens for the old site PayPal will get upset.
I added a 301 redirect to the .htaccess file so that PayPal does not see an error for the ipn url for the old site.

Then to get PayPal to re-enable the ipn sending I created a new subscription in OCP - this was enough for all the existing subscriptions to work properly again !!

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For reference, ocPortal specifies it's own notification URL which is carried with each ocPortal transaction. Whatever is set on PayPal's end doesn't matter.

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