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Google gone crazy?

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#85729 (In Topic #17594)

Community saint

One of the changes made in v8 was specifying the canonical URL for pages to help avoid duplicate titles and duplicate meta-descriptions. This should reduce the number of reported items due to alternate URLs to the same page such as the following:


Untitled Nude - JulianRitterCentral - A community site sharing the life and art of Julian Ritter

Strangely, over the past 24 hours the number of duplicate titles and duplicate meta-descriptions has nearly doubled. It is as is Google is completely ignoring the canonical URL that they suggest using. Google has indexed over 37,000 URLs for my site while I am absolutely confident that I have less than 1000 pages (and probably significantly less than that). I am pretty certain that this is just Google being Google but would love to see page rank consolidated onto the canonical URL.

Has anyone else observed this behavior since installing v8?

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Community saint

To be honest, I've never looked. I've been too busy putting out fires on my site to even think about SEO and page ranking. Someday though.

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