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Google Drive as 'Download' source,

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#110577 (In Topic #22155)

Honoured member

Hi Guys,

Is there anyone out there with any experience of using Google Drive as the sole location for ocP's 'Download' files?

I've got bandwidth/performance issues with my server and wondered if it were possible to host (transparently) all of my download files (around 8Gb and growing daily) on my free space.

I've done some trials using URL as the file location in the download configuration but my users are getting various problems.

From a user today:

My User said

disaster.. it opened or tried to open something at google, crashed the page and deducted my points, HELP
its says google 403 error, HELP
I sent this user the very same link that I have in the 'Downloads' URL settings via email and he downloaded the 493MB file in minutes. To save you asking, I have the file set to 'View' and 'Anyone with the link' as access setting on Drive.

With respect to 'Transparently' as I mentioned earlier, I don't want the user to see the Google banner when they click the download, has anyone got around that?

I would very much like to crack this before the Christmas rush, Last months bandwidth was 84GB (90% of the files are well under 20MB) and, if last year is anything to go by, December will be up on November by 50%.

Before you ask, there are numerous reasons why I want to keep my existing server setup (apart from this change) but the primary one is financial.

Thanks for reading this.

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