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godaddy hosting problems

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#20276 (In Topic #4728)

Fan in training

inconsitant implimentation of php and libs on the godaddy servers.


I've spent about a week attempting to impliment ocp on godaddy's servers.  I've moved servers, I've re-installed until I'm blue in the face and the problems just keep comming.

The first was a total show stopper, some of the godaddy servers would not support the php_ftp commands, which kinda puts a halt to large sections of ocp's code.

After 6 (six) hours of speaking with possibly the lazest system admins on the planet I finally got my site moved from the non working server to the working one.

Now I can't get a site tree.  This function appears in multiple places (Adminzone|Structure|Site Tree Editor for one) but consistantly does not work.

Can anyone tell me what needs to be implimented on a server to make this work?  If it's something simple I'll try and get godaddy to impliment, if not, I'll bail.  

(Should we start a thread on hosting providers that do / do not support ocp?)


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