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Getting the emotions pallet to appear in Mobile Mode

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#94557 (In Topic #18848)

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I would like the emotions pallet to appear both for the "Topic'c emotion" and below the "Your Message" box as per the non-mobile version.

I would also like to experiment as to how the non WYSIWYG links would look and behave for mobile.

We Chris's help I discovered that the form is created in the COMMENTS_POSTING_FORM.tpl template and I could just turn off the checks for mobile around line 151 to allow the emotions to appear:


                                 <div class="comments_posting_form_emoticons">
                                    <div class="box box___comments_posting_form"><div class="box_inner">

                                          <p class="associated_link associated_links_block_group"><a rel="nofollow" tabindex="6" href="#" onclick="window.faux_open(maintain_theme_in_link('{$FIND_SCRIPT*,emoticons}?field_name=post{$KEEP*;}'),'site_emoticon_chooser','width=300,height=320,status=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=no'); return false;">{!EMOTICONS_POPUP}</a></p>

So this allows the emotions to appear for the Topic but not to insert in the post message itself.
I really am trying to get my hands really dirty with OCP, so I rendered the page using the tree view in an effort to try and find out what is constructing the emotion box for posting.
I Created a new topic without submitting it and then fired up the Template Tree, however I could not find the template COMMENTS_POSTING_FORM.tpl anywhere in it.

So does that mean that it only gets included in mobile mode ? (difficult to check that as you cannot ge the template tree up in mobile mode). I suspect not as it has logic in it for checking if you are in mobile mode.

Any pointers as to which template adds the post emotions block and/or the the block above the message window for adding links, comcode etc greatly appreciated.

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I Created a new topic without submitting it and then fired up the Template Tree, however I could not find the template COMMENTS_POSTING_FORM.tpl anywhere in it.

Ah, that explains… this is a different template.

POSTING_FIELD is actually what you want, and that is not in the tree. This is due to POSTING_FORM including it, and the tree optimising that away. I'll see if we can workaround that for the future and make the tree show includes.

POSTING_FIELD is basically for post fields embedded within larger forms. COMMENTS_POSTING_FORM is for standalone post forms, like contact forms, or quick reply.

As you are a developer, you may be comfortable grep'ing the templates directory for $MOBILE.

Usually all separation between mobile/non-mobile is done in CSS or templates. So exactly the same templates are used, and the templates adapt themselves based on the tempcode within them.

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