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Frustration with Image of the Day

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#59644 (In Topic #12983)

Fan in training

I really like the concept of the Image of the Day feature but am having some implementation difficulties.

I would like to do something very simple, but I seem to run into roadblocks with every turn. My desire is to NOT manually add the image each day, it's one less thing I want to worry about. I DO want to just dump several thousand photos into a folder and have them randomly chosen. The major issue I am having is how to get them to be recognized by the system. Things I have tried:

1. Using "Add Image" to upload a Zip file like is available with the Galleries, does not work, OCP rejects the Zip file as a non-white listed file.

2. FTP the files up to the IOTD & Thumbs directory(I verified they do in fact exist in the folders on the Server). Does not appear to work as a click of "View All" does not show any of the files. And that "View All" indicates that the images shown are in an Archive.

3. Use the Upload Assistant, that just provides a list of uploaded files, no way apparent to transfer them into the IOTD Que correctly.

4. I tried using Main_Content as a substitute and to pull from the Galleries, but it left justifies the photos and won't center them properly like IOTD does.

With all the great features that OCP has this should be dead easy to do, but I'm just not finding a good method.

Any help appreciated.

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Community saint

Here is a link to the help area on this subject and unless someone else can inject something to the contrary I don't think that automatic rotation of the images is available currently. - ocPortal Tutorial: Providing featured content

Rick Henson

OCP 4.3.2 & 5.0.1
PHP 5.2.5
MySQL 5.0.51a
FireFox 3.6.8
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The IOTD feature is designed for community submission and spotlighting of images, not mass automatic rotations.

For that what you were trying with '4' would be the correct approach, and it sounds like you just need to do some styling changes to get what you need. I believe friendly had a topic recently where has also asked about the IOTD and gallery CSS.

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