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#103796 (In Topic #20288)

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Hey everyone...

On the v8 site that I just migrated to v9, I've found that I have to manually copy files from their locations on the server from one directory to the new one (i.e., gallery files from data structure of v8 site to corresponding data structure location in the v9 site).  This has worked really well, as the migration tool doesn't always move everything across as you'd hope (but it does a DARN good job overall :) )

I have no idea which directory on the server hold the friends data, so if someone could let me know, I can copy it to the new directory using cpanel.

Also, on a related note:  One of the users said they can't add anyone as a friend now and they get an error message saying they don't have access to do so?  I tried it using my test account and they're right.  I have looked everywhere to see if there's a permission I missed but I can't find anything!?!  Anyone ever heard of this one (this is what appears when I try and add another regular user as a friend using my standard test account):

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I didn't realise but there are a few things the ocp_merge importer is not covering. I have now added a test to our automated testing system to ensure such holes don't slip through again, and I'm now tracking where these are currently failing (we'll get it fixed as a v9 bug I think, but it will take some time):

0001660: Fix holes in the ocp_merge importer - ocPortal feature tracker

Here are the main things not covered:
  • Custom fields for content (CPFs for members are fine, but custom fields are not getting imported)
  • Chat: Friends, blocking settings, and custom sounds
  • Comcode page meta-data
  • Content reviews
  • Download licenses
  • CPF privacy settings
  • Periodic newsletters
  • Notification settings
  • Custom pointstore products

Friends are in the chat_buddies table in v9. You need to allow access to the chat module, as that's where the friending/defriending code is implemented.
Unfortunately though I doubt you can just copy the table contents, because member IDs will have now changed. So either members are going to need to reset this, or you'll need to wait for us to provide an updated merge importer again, and go through a specific step.

Are you affected by any of the other things listed above?

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You're absolutely right, Chris.  I had the permissions in the Site zone turned off for chat, so when I enabled them for the standard user groups, folks can add other people as friends again.

If they have to "re-add" them again, it's not the end of the world -- at least it's working and we found a gap in the importer that can now be plugged up!

Thanks again :thumbs:
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