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Forced Upgrade 3.0.6

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multiple errors

I uploaded the files from the 3.0.6 update. I used the force_upgrade.php. I typed in the password. Next, I was unsure whether I should type in the password for the ftp section of forced_upgrade. So, I did. That may have been a mistake.
I noticed the shinny new buttons and I wanted to click them all, but I resisted. I clicked the "Check permissions, but do not fix". It found one file that needed fixing (site/pages/html_custom/EN/download_tree_made.htm). So, I clicked on the "Check and Fix" button. That's when I got a continuious stream of chmod errors (at least that was the error that stood out), and my site went "BUSY" and timed out for a couple mintues. After my site came back up, I went back to force_upgrade and the same files needed permission fixed, but I did not try to fix it again. It appeared to be running a chmod or something on practically every file on the site. That was a little scary, because I believe the server I'm using is shared. I got the impression the update script was pulling many resources from the server in attempting the file permissions fix.
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I've made some changes so the process will be a little more clever in the next release. However, there is no bug here as such, it's just not as efficient as it could be (it changes permissions that might already be ok). It shouldn't take down a server, but I suppose on a server that is active doing other things, it could push it over the edge.
I'd be interested what the errors you saw were, but don't feel you need to rerun it again just to tell me - I suspect that they may have been due to FTP not having access to change the permissions of files owned by the web server.

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