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nothing to update

I've applied ocPortal upgrades a couple of times in the past. As instructed I uploaded the files to the server, overwriting as necessary, and then ran the force upgrade php. The script lists a series of my extra files on the site and then at the end tells me there is nothing that needs upgrading. Well, afterward I'm always left unsure if the upgrade actually took place. I verified that the new files were on the site. Is there some kind of indicator that I should be looking for that lets me know that the process actually took the upgrade?
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There are basically three aspects to upgrading:
  • replacing files
  • updating the database
  • clearing caches

The zip file of new changed files handles the replacing of files. One of the files is always sources/version.php, which bumps up the version. You can check it by viewing the Admin Zone front page.

The database is virtually never updated with a minor release, because we maintain compatibility. Database changes are the real hotspot for things going wrong, so we very carefully manage this. force_upgrade.php will trigger any updating needed, but if there's none, it won't claim any.

For a minor release, cache clearing is necessary but it's not really very crucial. If you don't clear them the following could happen:
  • lang-string-missing errors that were 'fixed' would not be seen as fixed until the language cache was emptied
  • any display errors (CSS, templates, for example) that were 'fixed' would not be seen as fixed until the template cache was emptied. We try and maintain CSS/template compatibility between minor versions also, so that new themes don't need to be manually synched with those changes.
force_upgrade.php clears caches for you.

You should be absolutely fine, but if you spot any errors on your site, just report them as normal :).

To briefly summarise - minor updates are almost solely contingent on the files in the upgrade zip replacing buggy code.

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