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Facebook Integration and login

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#101232 (In Topic #19858)

Community saint

Has anyone else noticed that the Facebook integration does not maintain your login for as long as it use to ?

The main scenario that I notice it is when you have not used the forum for a while and then you get an email to a post you are monitoring. Clicking this link would use to take you to the post logged in via the stored Facebook credentials. But more often than not now it just takes you to the post in a non logged in state - this is annoying, particularly on a phone as you have to go to your profile block, click the Facebook link to login and then navigate back to the original post.

Anyone else experiencing this ?


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Community saint

I tried a test again this morning.
A email received yesterday with a link to a thread that can only be seen by a certain group.
Clicking the link takes you to a login page that says Guest does not have access. But it actually logs you in, but does not redirect to the requested page. If you go back and click the email link it takes you straight to the post.

Is there a way to remain permanently logged in once you have logged in via Facebook ?
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Facebook login is achieved via Javascript and cookies, which is the standard integration Facebook provide. It is also possible to do it on the server directly, which is where I'd like to take things in the future, but it means major rewriting.

Because it happens in Javascript, if there is no ocPortal session anymore, the page will be served as Guest until Facebook's Javascript code sets a new Facebook session, then we refresh, then ocPortal turns it into an ocPortal session.

You could increase the ocPortal session length, but it's not really advisable, as it lowers security (longer sessions = greater risk of attack by someone trying to steal session IDs).

ocPortal shouldn't take you somewhere else. Our refresh code only takes you to the website front page if you were actually logging in from a URL with 'login' in it (i.e. the login page). I suppose you could have something like a forum topic with 'login' in the URL moniker which could be erroneously triggering that, or there could be a bug. If you can report clearly where the original link was and where you ended up (obfuscated if required) I might be able to spot something.

I use Facebook login myself extensively and it tends to be pretty solid.

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