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Facebook and Multisites

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As you guys know, I have my sites set up pretty heavy with the multisite functions. So I wanted to give a quick report to anyone adding the Facebook login to a multiple domain name setup…avoid a couple things I did.

It actually works pretty flawless, I added to my main site first, got it working, and then merged the new user it created with the main admin account. That was a mistake, cause then you cant log in to any of your other sites. Way around it I did was to create a dummy account, set it to be admin from the working site, and then it worked in the other sites to log in as an admin.

Then added the files to a second site. You cant use the same API for other URLs, so you do have to create one per domain name. I was worried this would create additional users with same names, etc, but it does not. The account just has to accept the facebook api for each site, and it works as one account on all same as regular log in.

I still have a lot to learn about setting up the Facebook api side of things, cause I want to be ready for further functionality and know it, but, just the basic stuff gets you going with login and the facebook LIKES and stuff. Not bad at all.

I do have ONE thing I notice as I was setting up with each additional URL. since they all were not started at the same time with the same version, and have gone through many upgrades over time, the FIELDS for adding facebook info to the sites, are different on each site. One has 5 fields related to facebook, and another has only 2 (they both seem to work the same) and I have one site that has NO social networking spot at all in the config, and I have no idea where to add that in so I can connect that site into things (I'm not in a hurry on that site, I have the important ones going). A couple of the sites dont have any twitter feilds either. Anyone that can point to how to get that stuff into an ongoing site when it's missing, I will thank profusely.
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Thanks for the heads up AIPman1! Might want to consider adding your information here: - CEDI page: CEDI home ;)

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