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Error editing profile once logged in on my site.

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#110196 (In Topic #21930)

Fan in action

Unexpected and no further explaination of error...

Hi all,
After being away from my site for some months, I returned to do a little editing etc and found this issue, which I am not sure how or why its happened, and the information is a little vague...

When trying to Edit my profile after logging in on my site, I get this;

"XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: Line Number 513, Column 190:"

I cant seem to find a solution around this... :(
I would be grateful for any suggestions

Thanks in advance.
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Fan in action

*** UPDATE ***
Found this error and fixed...
"Unfortunately a query has failed [SELECT id,name,enabled FROM oc_ocrewards ORDER BY name ASC] [<strong>Table 'rbcjhubc_lndpg.oc_ocrewards' doesn't exist</strong>] (version: 9.0.20, PHP version: 5.5.30, URL: /data/snippet.php?snippet=profile_tab&amp;tab=edit&amp;member_id=2&amp;page=members&amp;type=view&amp;id=roy&amp;redirected=1&amp;;title=Roy%27s%20profile&amp;keep_session=1800952574&amp;utheme=Halloween) @ "

When I try to reinstall ocrewards, I get this error
PHP NOTICE [8] Undefined index: TINY_INTEGER in sources/database_helper.php on line 83 (version: 9.0.20, PHP version: 5.5.30, URL: /adminzone/index.php?page=admin_addons&type=_multi_action)

After removing the addon, things now work fine...

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