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Error 500 - Internal server error / .htaccess issues

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#71631 (In Topic #15067)

Fan in training

I tried all versions of the included .htaccess files


I installed a website on the domain Borahlabs and it worked fine but then when I made some admin changes I started getting Error 500 - Internal server error

I contacted my hosting provider (1and1) and this is what their response was:

"Thank you for contacting us.

We replicated the issue and we can already view the error message. Upon checking on the files under the folder / there are 3 .htaccess files.
You need to double check what is the specific and correct .htaccess you have on that folder.
The error on the website (500 internal server error) indicates that there is a syntax error on the script or a permission of a file is incorrect.

Note: As much as we want to assist you with this issue, scripting is already beyond our scope of support. We would strongly suggest you search this on search engines like Google and definitely you should be able to find relevant information. You may also want to consider consulting a website designer in your area."

I tried using each of the included .htaccess files but no luck yet

Can anybody please help me figure out the issue

Just in case you need: the admin name and password are

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