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#26506 (In Topic #6143)

Community saint

The mouse over function is good but wrong data in the mouse over.

In relation to the Home page calender view

There is a mouse over function which gives the date and year plus the event priority Text is… "There are (1) events on this day and at least one event is medium priority"
It would be much better in the mouse over to list the heading detail of the event itself (Title) information.  :P

Reasons for this:
You need to drill into the day anyway to get the details so you know the date and year to start with.
It will allow a user to see the event by mouse over each day and if interested the user will drill down.
If there are multiple events there will be multiple event titles in the mouse over on seperate lines

If neccesary constrain further the length of the title but I dont think this would be neccesary
I also think a fwd / back arrow on the small mini view calender would be an added advantage to save having to open up the full calender view.
Does any one have any thoughts on this?

PS I tried to capture that mouse over view but even "Snagit" couldnt do it.

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