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#107165 (In Topic #20889)

Community saint

Configuring the staff page options!

I'm baaaack! :)


I've designed another site using the great ocPortal software. The staff page (index.php?page=staff) is being put to good use for it.

However, I am stuck at how to edit the index.php?page=staff&type=view&id=Username page. Currently the options are: Name, Role, Username, Start Private Topic. In that order. The site admin would like Start Private Topic removed and have Email added. I looked at the tutorial and it says I'm suppose to be able to pick and choose, but not really figuring it all out how to do that. Also, not necessary, but requested... is there a way to change the order on the staff view page to: Name, UsernameRole, Email?

Thanks guys... and glad to be back to using ocPortal again. It's still awesome!

Eric DeMars . com
My electronic portfolio and personal site. Uses ocPortal!
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Community saint

Hello Eric, the tutorial ( might be a bit vague in that area of staff page customisation. The Name and Role are the only options that are configurable via the AdminZone>Security>Staff page. But the changes you are looking for can be done by editing the STAFF_SCREEN.tpl template file. In that template file, the contact info (Private Topic vs. Email) are based on whether OCF (ocPortal Forums) are installed. If the forums are installed, the template only displays the Private Topic link. If the forums are not installed, then it shows the Email. You could eliminate some of the tempcode logic in the template to remove the Private Topic stuff and have it only use the Email. Then you could arrange the table rows to get the content to display in the order desired. Be sure to edit the template through the ocPortal template editor (AdminZone>Style>Themes>(Your Theme)>Edit Templates), or place a manually edited template in the template_custom directory of your ocPortal theme directory.

If you need help figuring out what edits to make, let me'll probably only take a minute or two to make the changes :)
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