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#74419 (In Topic #15499)

Fan in action

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Hi All,
Just downloaded ocPortal a couple of weeks ago, and it looks promising. In fact, I was pretty excited about getting it customized and seeing what it can do.

Today has been difficult, though. I've traded emails with Chris, and he suggested that I post the question here. Here goes…

Had a problem with cookies first, I think that is settled - but I wanted to mention it just in case it plays into the problem I am having now.

I can browse the Adminzone, Content Management, and others seemingly without a problem.

However, when I went to change the text on the main page, I pull up the 'start' (Welcome) page, go to click the box for MAIN_GREETING_BLOCK, and it goes to the description and buttons to "Preview" or "Proceed". Like it should.

Then, I click on Proceed and the box simply disappears.

Is anyone having this issue? What can I do to make this work? It's not a pop-up blocker, as the initial window is a pop-up.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,
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I believe the answer relates to this dialogue being for block options, whilst the actual text is done via a language string. You'd be better off deleting that block and putting in your own text in it's place, direct into the editor.

I'm sure others can explain in more detail as required.

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Fan in action

I had a similar problem :

When I try to edit the welcome page through the Zone editor , and click –> save  nothing appears !

but I worked around it by editing the actual page on [control functions : Edit this page] at the bottom of the page and things worked out :D
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Community saint

You've kinda thrown me by referring to MAIN_GREETING_BLOCK, as I'm not sure what you did to get one.


In case you simply want a site greeting to appear immediately after the 'Welcome message' to a user or guest, you will need to compose the greeting in the 'Site options'.

A picture, etc.

There is a bit of 'crafty' stuff going on there, because I've used the if_in_group parameters so that 'Guests' (visitors) get a different greeting to 'Members', but that is something you can initiate at a later date if you want to use the idea.

Let's get the initial problem sorted first.

Hope this helps.


Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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Fan in action

Not sure why it stopped working - it was OK until a few days ago. I appreciate Chris' time to respond to several emails, then referring me here. I probably should always start here with questions!

Working around it by going to "Content Management > Edit Comcode Page" then selecting the specific page - in this case the start page in the Welcome Zone. Then , I just switch over to "Source" and edit the source code.

Fletch, that is where the "MAIN_GREETING_BLOCK (Click to Edit)" comes in. Of course, I no longer have that particular block…not sure if that will come back to haunt me or not.O_o

Appreciate ALL of the help, will certainly be on these boards OFTEN. Pretty darn cool program!

In friendship & success,
Erich (WebBasser)

"Be true to yourself. Be who you are in your heart. Don't hang out with idiots. If you surround yourself with good people, you'll go far. If you start hanging out with knuckleheads, you'll be right in the knucklehead section the rest of your life." — Kid Rock
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