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eCommerce question

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#66598 (In Topic #14208)

Fan in action

Im trying to set up a shop on my forum, and for simplicity decided to use eCommerce, but im having an issue with the payment gateway.
The issue is - i dont need the payment gateway.
Members will not be buying items, but placing an order with a person who will purchase the items ordered. all the transactions will be made in person rather online.
My idea was basically use the eCommmerce shop to ease the ordering and invoicing process, for the person responsible.

Can i turn off the payment gateway?
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Community saint

What if you use something other than the eCommerce catalogue to display your products. Maybe use the classifieds then use support tickets or a simple contact form for members to order with. Then just manually ad the transactions after they are sent out. They would have to be manually added anyways if not using a payment gateway.
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