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Drop down menu not dropping down in mobile version!

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#90773 (In Topic #18325)

Fan in action

I created a drop down menu which works great except for mobile version. If I switch to non-mobile version on my BB the menu drops. In mobile version, no drop!

Ideas? Suggestions?
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The default templates disable dropdowns on mobile. Touch screen devices do not handle hover actions well, and they can't separate a click from a hover – so dropdowns can't work at all (assuming the top level items allow clicks).

You'll need to design the top level items to work as pages that have their own navigation that can lead to lower down items, which is generally good design anyway.

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Fan in action

Ok! If that's the scoop I guess I have to live with it. I've been trying to have a main menu follow through each page so there's no backtracking. the whole site is accessible from whatever page your on. Something other than breadcrumbs.

Later I hope to find out how to make the Zone Menu disappear completely including the container. I like the idea of white space & everything kind of hanging loose in a kind of levitating way.

I have my site open which know I know is unconventional, but you can check it out if you like. I'll post it with ocPortal once I have it somewhere close to what want. As we all know, it is a work in progress!

Here is a site I did for a local B&B with version 7. Crude to the seasoned professional I'm sure. But hey! I got paid ;) and they've seen a noticeable increase in business & a lot of comments about their web site.
Maybe with time & patience I'll get better & more work. There's a real niche around here for cms site building. So jumping in with both feet & no life jacket.

I'll get back to task monday morning.
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