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As my small community is based on Donations i have always used something like nuke-treasury for my various forum softwares but cant find something similar here. Am i looking at the wrong points? I see that in the language files "Donation" and "Donate" are found, but dont find any block or something that covers it. I have disabled ecoomerce and shopping because all i remember was a picture in teh top right corner of the screen asking for donations but not a block.

Is there something "Block like" i can use and if it is - is it possible to track people who donated?

Thanks in advance
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The donate page/banner is just a default banner to inspire people a bit. It's not tied into any actual payments. You could just paste some PayPal donate HTML into the donate page (inside an 'html' Comcode tag).

I sounds like you ideally need a usergroup subscription (part of our ecommerce system). You can set up a subscription to a usergroup, so people can buy into that group using e.g. paypal. Then you know who paid.
It basically goes like this:
  • Set up your PayPal account and set the options for it in ocPortal's eCommerce options
  • Add usergroup
  • Add usergroup subscription
  • Add link to site:purchase on your menus
  • People can then click the link and go through to Pay

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Thanks for the advise but i wrote  a Donationsblock yesterday by hand.

Once it is a bit more user friendly (other woirds: Having a ACP Menu for controlling most the various options)  i will upload it.
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