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does not have 666 (write) permissions

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#53385 (In Topic #11620)

Fan in training

Hi gave the files 777 permissions and still not working?

Hi noob here just tried to install the latest version of OcPortal and am getting an error message I have already tried giving the files permissions of 666 and 777 and still get the error message even tried exiting the installer and running it again to see if that would help but no.

Thanks for any reply's

Following error message.

An error has occurred

does not have 666 (write) permissions or does not exist
Here is the stack trace:

Below is a stack trace revealing the state the software was in when the error occurred. If this represents a bug in the unmodified software, you may want to check ocPortal website for a fix, and if there isn't one, report this as a bug. Please note that merely posting a stack trace is not sufficient for us to solve your problem; the stack trace is just an aid that presents us with additional information. We still need to know the error message, what you tried to do, how you tried to do it, version numbers, and any other appropriate information.
We apologise for this problem and if it's a bug we hope you will work with us so that we can fix it for you promptly.

File '/home/thermalz/public_html/sources/minikernel.php'
Line '189'
Function 'get_html_trace'

File '/home/thermalz/public_html/install.php'
Line '1,312'
Function 'fatal_exit'


File '/home/thermalz/public_html/install.php'
Line '999'
Function 'step_5_write_config'

File '/home/thermalz/public_html/install.php'
Line '194'
Function 'step_5'
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