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different root areas for different zones

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#56566 (In Topic #12293)

Fan in training

Hi , so far i'm liking what i'm seeing in OCPortal.

however i have a question or 2

I'm trying to get it to have a global zone that encompases every area and every forum / d/load / gallery etc..

then a zone for dedicated viewing of only stuff related for that zone ..

eg: I have 3 zones set up Global (the site) , games , coding

on global i want to be able to see everything.. all the d/loads,galleries,forums,news,wiki ewtc .. and be able to search on it all and have the blocks report the latest files etc for the whole site

then on each zone section of pages just to be able to access that particular zones stuff and its own top blocks to its a mini of the global pages just focusing on that zones content nothing else (apart from a menu to link to the main site or other zones .. this would be the only block thats rhe same on all zones)

Kind of like taking parent forums and child/sub forums concept and puting it intop action across the while site..

is there a way to do this..
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Community saint

Hi Blue Steel! Assuming I'm understanding your goal correctly, try navigating to a location on your site then hovering over the link(s) in the breadcrumb. You should notice an a wee balloon that appears with text similar to: "Go to this as virtual root". Click the link, then make a note of the addition in the URL, either one of:


Hope this helps!

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