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Different Themes for different Forums?

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Non-joined user

I would like to ask, if its possible, to assigned different themes to different Forums (within one OCPortal installation). I have found this documentation page which might tell something about it, but I really don't understand the writing. Also the map.ini just contains default=default - that doesn't help either.
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Fan in training

I can't remember exactly where I saw the post on here, but I think that in order to get a different theme, you would have to use a virtual root to setup the forum in a zone.  I'm still pretty new, so I'm just trying to see if I'm getting an understanding of ocPortal. Good luck!
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Community saint

Right, as Topcheese said, you need to set up Virtual Roots and Redirects.

You can set up each forum as its own virtual root by clicking on its name in the breadcrumb. Then it is just a matter as setting up new zones for those virtual root forums and setting up redirects to those VR forums in the zones.

I'll warn you now, it is no easy task and you will likely always have a trouble spot or two. But, it works. I once did this for my site, having what appeared to be three separate forums for the site, despite only having one OCF. And each had its own theme. I've sense decided though that simpliar is better, so there you go.

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