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Some Questions - Seeking Advise

OK I have a site that I am going to convert to OCP. Still testing but with the new fix I will be able to bring over my users, forums, and posts in the conversion. I have a couple of other areas to convert.

I am going to test the conversion, then back it out to do some architecture decisions.

Anyway I am trying to figure out a deployment order. Once I have tested all the conversions I was thinking it would go like this.

1. Theme - Design/Implimentation
2. Architecture setup (manual) for manual conversion areas
3. Import Users only
4. Import manual conversion pieces
5. Address architecture importation issues
6. Import forums et al

Now one of the things I am thinking about is shutting down features a week prior to the final move on the new site. For example shutting down new user registration. Thoughts on this.

Also I am wondering when I reinitialize a site, what do I lose? Most of my architecture decisions are related to Zone and Category usage, as well as custom pages, panels, and comcode. When I rerun the install process how much of this do I lose?


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Are you importing users first so that you can get the other things bound to them sorted before having to disable and move your old forums?

If so, you'll likely want to disable new registrations on your old site. Oh wait, just read further and you're planning this – so yes, it makes sense.

I've never tested finishing an import with a big gap. Please take backups of the import_* tables after importing users just in case anything goes wonky - you'll need this data if there is a problem (and if there is I'll help - it's just we'll need that data).

It wasn't really designed that the install is rerun after a site is installed, but if you're technical you can do it. No guarantees though. It shouldn't hurt your zones, Comcode pages (including panels), any custom PHP code, and language files, and themes (as long as you place theme images manually - not through ocPortal). Anything in the database will get lost though - so any content entries, members, etc.

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