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Default editor to "No" on perform standards validation

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#26507 (In Topic #6144)

Community saint

The deafult editor validates to correct post text to exact HTML code. This is a problem for new users

The WYSIWG editor is a wonderous piece of work however for the average punter the error essages confuse to the extent they often do not post and cancel the work wheras often if you just either preview and press "Add topic" the post presents perfectly even though there may be many html errors.

I have attached a typical example of a post like that.

Fix 1
Default the text "Perform standards validation when previewing:"  to NO
Fix 2
If you are doing full HTML Validation add a help page like the c symbol comcode page which tells you how to fix each of the HTML error lines.
I think FrontPage 2003 and Dreamweaver has all the HTML Tags explained in full and we could cut and paste the relevant TAG details into some sort of help file. Just a thought. They never change so done once it is there a long time.

PS I still cannot get the browse (So I can upload a file) button to unshade on every post until I post and then edit. Is that a permissions thing?

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I didn't realise it was so easy to create such problems using the WYSIWYG editor, but it's obvious now that you point it out.
In the next patch release, the preview validation will be defaulted to off for non-staff.

It took me a while to reproduce your upload issue. Now I see after previewing, you can't attach more files. This will be fixed in the next patch release.

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Community saint


Thanks for clarifying what I was trying to say previously about this feature.

These errors are very easily reproduced and cause heartache to users that are not puter literate.

I have had to disable the feature so they can post without all the problems.
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