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database editable?

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#87308 (In Topic #17803)

Fan in training


I was wondering if you could have members sign up for membership using ocportal. Then, I could put up forms for members to fill out on the website that link to my own perl scripts that will then edit the ocportal members' database.

For example, I could set up forms on my website where they could enter their friends' email addresses to tell their friends about my website using my own perl script. The perl script would then edit the ocportal member's file in the members' database and add some points to their file that would allow them to purchase software downloads from me without payment. Can I do this with ocportal?

Also, instead of uploading onto my own servers, could I sell links to my dropbox public folder instead? In other words, can I tweak ocportal to allow sales of software downloads by selling a link to dropbox instead of an actual download from my own server?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. If it is editable but just not with cgi perl scripts, then how would i get the computer to edit it? what computer program and/or scripting language or other solution would i use? thanks.

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