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Damn Search Engines

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I have submitted my site to just aout every search engine in the world. Ever since, my Bandwodth counter has been playing up and my games are appearing to have been downloaded over 6000 times! Is this correctable?

Coming Soon: Syntyx Community (

Syntyx Community will be a software community. Current projects include PCAno (Virtual Piano) and XCryptoTool (Extremely Secure File Encryption Software).

Website will be powered by ocPortal, of course ;)
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Community saint

Wow, gotta love it.

Once you are out there it is difficult to change. One thing you can do it change the name of your d/l folder. This helps prevent the constant links that one might use to your site.

Another thing you can do is put the d/l in a restricted area and make those wanting your d/l actually come to your site and register before they can d/l the file.

Good luck
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