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Custom Fields - Couple of Questions

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#110035 (In Topic #21846)

Fan in training

Are there by any chance plans in the future to add grouping to custom fields?  In my case I am making a business directory of events, and say I'd like to have a list of amenities for the event,  and another list of features, etc.  Currently with OcPortal this is not a possibility.  I'd love to know if it is planned for the future, though.

The bigger question, though, is with the current check boxes.  Since we cannot group check-boxes, I just created a mass set of custom fields to try to enable a customer to list all of the events amenities in one go.  The issue is, however, that if the person making the listing does NOT check a box, instead of the feature/amenity just not appearing, it appears with a big red "x" next to it.

An example of this is seen here:  Test 1 for Perm Village Denver - The Renaissance Directory

Is there a way to make it so that if a check box is not checked that the item does not appear at all?  I am afraid that if I deploy this to a live environment that customers will not like it as it would reflect a negative appeal instead of a positive one to a listing where the event is small and does not have all these amenities.

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Community saint

You can group CPF's by category, by using something like 'Category 1: Field 1' and 'Category 1: Field 2' as titles. Not too sure about the checkbox situation.
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I'm a little confused, as I don't think the linked site is an ocPortal site. I think you're just showing that this is similar to what ocPortal is doing, and what you don't want?

Also I'm confused as I don't believe the Checkbox field type shows crosses or ticks – but "Multiple values chosen from a list" [multilist] does (which is all one field, not lots of individual ones).

If you are using multilist, just edit the CATALOGUE_DEFAULT_FIELD_MULTILIST.tpl template and remove:


            <span class="multilist_mark no">&#10007;</span> {$,Cross entity}

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