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Currently selected menu item in editable zone menu - 4.1.10

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#51530 (In Topic #11251)

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Multiple "current_zone"s returned


A little confused about implementation of editable zone menu and whether what I'm seeing is a bug or something I need to set up differently. The menu states returned by menu_branch_zone.tpl appear to be wrong i.e. it is returning multiple "current_zones".

I am using Zone menu for top naviagation of site. I've changed configuration option to make it an editable menu. Has the following default options:

- site
- forums
- personal zone
- admin zone

Then I have two custom zones:
- news (entry point: module > site > news > archive)
- resources (entry point: module > site > catalogues > blah > blah)

It seems to think news and resources are part of the site (which I suppose in fairness they are) and marks them as active leading to a messed up top menu.

M y questions are:
Is this a bug?
If it's not, does it mean I have to put separate top level sections in different zones?

Many thanks,

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The behaviour stems from the menu type. Zone menus always behave like this. IIRC it can be changed via editing the zone menu templates, or it could also be changed by editing the HEADER template to use a different menu type.

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Menu system now makes sense

Super! Many thanks…I think I understand now

In case it helps someone else out, here is what I did more or less:

In HEADER.tpl I had a div that calls the menu



<div class="global_zones">

Changed third line of that to:



Refreshing the home page, I then got an option to add a new menu called "top_menu". Made sure items selected weren't at zone top level and bob's yer uncle.

Hope that helps. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction Chris. Going through a bit of a crash-course in this system at the moment and the swift help replies are absolutely invaluable.
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