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Critical Error : Duplicate entry 'session_expiry_time' for key 1

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#38908 (In Topic #8732)

Community saint

Duplicate entry 'session_expiry_time' for key 1


Have already opened a support ticket, but was also wondering if anyone here can help.
I have been running a site on OCPOrtal for some time now without problems. I checked it today, and saw the following error. Has anyone else come across this or know how to fix it? Help appreciated.

ocPortal error

This is an error that has been elevated to critical error status because it occured during the primary error mechanism reporting system itself (possibly due to it occuring within the standard output framework). It may be masking a secondary error that occured before this, but was never output - if so, it is likely strongly related to this one, thus fixing this will fix the other.

Unfortunately a query has failed [INSERT INTO ocp2_config (config_value, the_name, human_name, the_type, eval, the_page, section, explanation, shared_hosting_restricted) VALUES (NULL, 'session_expiry_time', 'SESSION_EXPIRY_TIME', 'integer', 'return \'5\';', 'SECURITY', 'GENERAL', 'CONFIG_OPTION_session_expiry_time', 0)] [Duplicate entry 'session_expiry_time' for key 1] (ocPortal version: 3.2.2, PHP version: 5.2.3, URL: /players/blog/)

Details here are intended for the website/system-administrator, not for regular website users. If you are a regular website user, please let the website staff deal with this problem.

Depending on the error, you may need to edit the base configuration (the info.php file).
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Community saint

Now sorted. I ran force-upgrade.php and it seemed to resolve the issue.
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