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Critical error: Bailing out. Fresh install Composr. Setup wizard.

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#111108 (In Topic #22312)

Fan in training

Hello, I'm trying to install a fresh Composr 10 as a hosted website. First created manually a MySQL DB and executed the quick installer files. So far so good. Running the SETUP Wizard first screen is ok, the second screen will not be displayed but will result in : critical error - bailing out. 

Error message:
This is an error that has been elevated to critical error status because it occurred during the primary error mechanism reporting system itself (possibly due to it occuring within the standard output framework). It may be masking a secondary error that occurred before this, but was never output - if so, it is likely strongly related to this one, thus fixing this will fix the other.

PHP ERROR [1] Call to undefined function get_version_dotted() in sources/failure.php on line 875

Details here are intended only for the website/system-administrator, not for regular website users.
» If you are a regular website user, please let the website staff deal with this problem.

Depending on the error, and only if the website installation finished, you may need to edit the installation options (the _config.php file).

Which steps should a take to get the SETUP wizard running?
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Community saint

You should post this on the Composr forum or bug tracker ideally. I thought this error had been fixed in Beta2, so going to ask if you are testing Beta2?
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