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Cookie Problem now Critical Error

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#53996 (In Topic #11746)

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I just moved to a new host.
I went to my page, and everything was there and fine exactly as it was before I moved, but Firefox popped up an error box that said:
"you have conflicting cookies on your computer...." and told me to delete my cookies. I deleted all cookies, shut down firefox, opened up again. Same thing happened. Tried it in IE...same thing happened.

Since it wont let me login to ocportal, I can't update it to the new version and I'm wondering if that's part of the problem.

Anyways I figured maybe I needed to change the ocportal cookie in the info.php file. I logged into ftp, opened up info.php edited the cookie information. Uploaded it. Now I have this on my screen:

ocPortal errorThe top-level configuration file (info.php) is either not-present, empty, or corrupt. This file is created upon installation, and the likely cause of this error is that ocPortal files have been placed by direct copying from a non-standard source that included neither a configuration file nor installation script, or info.php has become corrupt after installation. The installer (install.php) is not present: it is advised that you replace info.php from backup, or if you have not yet installed, use an official ocProducts installation package.

Details here are intended for the website/system-administrator, not for regular website users. If you are a regular website user, please let the website staff deal with this problem.

Depending on the error, and only if the website installation finished, you may need to edit the installation options (the info.php file).

But when I click on the edit installation options link it takes me to a blank page. Both files are there in the ftp, I even tried putting the old cookie information back into the info.php file but still the critical error.

I'm not sure what to do O_o Please help
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This won't be directly related to any cookie settings, but it would seem changing info.php somehow triggered this.

I think you accidentally introduced a typo into info.php and our error message isn't being accurate (making the PHP code invalid) – look into that, and we'll also clarify the error message for future releases.

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Non-joined user

it wasn't a typo in the file, it was the permissions.
I had to change the permissions to 666 to see the site again. The error message didn't mention permissions and I hadn't realized the permissions had changed lol

oh well, everything's working now :)
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