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Configuring the gift points reasons - How to?

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#101071 (In Topic #19829)

Community saint

SO I have searched all over and can't figure out how to add reasons for gifting points? WhenI go to gift points my dropdown for reason is empty and I want to add some reasons like as seen on here under community stars page -  which leads me to my next question where is that made available or is that a custom page for
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Roles are defined at the top of the overridden POINTS_GIVE template, but you found a bug.
In that template {$SET,roles} should be {$GET,roles}. This bug only happened to staff, as they are fed a different version of the interface.

Our community stars page…


[title]Community stars[/title]

Each time you are given points in our community, you are assigned a role in relation to the points you receive:
 - [b]Helpful soul[/b] -- For those who are generally helpful
 - [b]Support expert[/b] -- For those who help give out technical support
 - [b]Programming god[/b] -- For those who are great addon coders, or coding advice
 - [b]Themeing genius[/b] -- For those that put out great themes, or themeing advice
 - [b]Community ambassador[/b] -- For those that work inside and outside our community to strengthen us all
 - [b]Translator saviour[/b] -- For those that work on translations

This page honours the top 'stars' for each of these 5 roles. That means:
1) If you show up here then it's something really special, and worth putting on your CV/Résumé.
2) If you've received a lot of help, and the people have put PayPal donation details in their signature, consider donating.

[title="2"]Helpful soul[/title]

[block="Helpful soul"]main_stars[/block]

[title="2"]Support expert[/title]

[block="Support expert"]main_stars[/block]

[title="2"]Programming god[/title]

[block="Programming god"]main_stars[/block]

[title="2"]Themeing genius[/title]

[block="Themeing genius"]main_stars[/block]

[title="2"]Community ambassador[/title]

[block="Community ambassador"]main_stars[/block]

[title="2"]Translator saviour[/title]

[block="Translator saviour"]main_stars[/block]

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