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Comcode Construction Assistant overlay box adjustments

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Community saint

Aloha from Hawaii,
I'm on version 9.0.2. Some of my website users have expressed confusion when they create a news post, 'browse' for an image, choose an image and then get the 'Comcode Construction Assistant' overlay box but then they don't see the 'Use' button at the bottom, so they wonder what to do. I have to explain that they must scroll down to see the button.

I've been looking for where to increase the minimum height of the box so they don't have to scroll, but am having a challenge finding it. Harder to find because the contextual css edit function can't be selected in the footer when a overlay box is open. I think maybe something needs to be edited in forms.css?
Thanks and Happy New Year. :party:
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I added an issue to our tracker which should solve these problems, as well as make some general improvements to the overlays: 0000978: Tidying up the overlay system - ocPortal feature tracker

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