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code to add forum events to my sidebar

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#79468 (In Topic #16178)

Fan in action

i have already searched this on your forum but cabt find a simple answer, I might have searched wrongly maybe.

I would like to show the recent activity that has been happening in my forum, and I would like to show that activity in my side bar on the welcome page i have looked at my side bar and it has these..

I would like the side bar to show latest forum posts and for it to be inbetween gallery and users.
would it be side_latest_posts or something else.

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Non-joined user

Hi, I am just a Newbie here but I think what you might want is Forum News display (side_forum_news)
If you can add it as a block you can choose what forums you want it to show from by control/click multiple options, and I am sure you can select how many posts you want it to show.
Like I said I am only a Newbie, hope I am on the right track for you?
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Community saint

downunder nailed it.

This is what I am using as my 'code' …


[block="5" forum="15" member_based="0" date_key="lasttime" title="Last 5 Comments"]side_forum_news[/block]
… and this is what it appears like:————————————>
Side Panel Comments Block

brief explanation:
  • block="5" ::: means the number of comments to display
  • forum="15" ::: the ID of the 'Comments' forum
  • title="Last 5 Comments" ::: is the title I've arbitrarily given my block

Hope that helps.


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Take my advice. I'm not using it!

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