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Catalogues or CEDI?

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Fan in training

Hi All,

I am new to ocPortal and looking forward to setting up a number of websites using this CMS.

I have been perusing the tutorials and am still stumped.

I am looking to do a company review site where individual guests can fill in data on any single or multiple pieces of information for a company, which would then be reviewed by moderators before being either incorporated into the listing or rejected. Some types of information I would want to have available and shown multiple comments available from multiple guests, such as notes or commentary about the company. Other types of information would be a rating, which of course would be aggregated with all other ratings to come up with a single sum number.

In a classic format, a form would be filled in and submitted, where it would wait in queue to be moderated then incorporated into the aggregate data.

The question that stumps me is that I would like to have several features incorporated that I do not know if CEDI can handle, but at the same time I do not know if the catalogue function is flexible enough to handle what I seek to do.

Basically, I would like something akin to a Wiki page, but with a bit more structure, where at the end of each line might be a small comment box where, if clicked, the guest can change that individual line. Elsewhere, of course, would be a comment box that would bring up a whole page of info to be filled in as fully as the guest is comfortable with.

It would almost seem that each company can have a catalog entry, and then there would be multiple entries with the same company as chosen from the list by name, but with each guest's data included in each listing. The base company page would then perform calculations to aggregate all the underlying entries.

Another factor I was working in was that, based on a 'quiz' or 'test' various guests would be scored and that score used to factor in how important that guest's comments or rating might be, based for instance on their age and experience in business, for example.

Could catalogs handle all this functionality? If not, can CEDI be structured to force only certain types of data to be submitted and only within certain parameters?

Do either of these types of databasing systems roughly provide similar functionality but from different angles?

Any and all advice greatly appreciated as I am eager to begin building out my site and showing off ocPortal's capabilities to my skeptical [read: fans of Drupal] friends.

Thanks Much,
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Hi RFiertek,

Catalogues can do most of what you want. You'd simply add a companies catalogue and allow reviews and people could review each catalogue.

But all the metric calculation stuff (either trying to score review importance, or aggregate individual more-complex review records) would be a custom programming job, whatever system you chose for baseline implementation – I'm afraid you're not going to find anything out of the box to do this kind of thing without having to do some kind of thing (even if it's coding for some kind of high-level scripting engine).

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