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catalogues ?????

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#53696 (In Topic #11675)

Fan in action

I was successful in finding out about the " Download " area and researched enough , for me to use this with confidence….

Now about this "
catalogues" thing…I have read about it , at the " Learn More " page ..
I am having a hard time understanding it…Where would I use it?
Can someone give me some examples where a user uses this….

Basically, my site is about " Lead Sheets " for music….I use the "Download" in this way:

- Help Original Notation
- Help Transposed to the Key of C

-Hey Jude
- Hey Jude Original Notation
- Hey Jude Transposed to the Key of C

Is this "
" something that may help me? Can you direct me to a site with an explanation of how they are using "
catalogues " ?

Many thanks as usual

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Community saint

Hi keyboard,

A couple of examples as to how I use the 'Catalogue' system. Take a look - something might take your fancy …



Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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Honoured member

Catalogs are more structured and easier to maintain than a downloads sections.

You'll be making things available faster from a single screen submit without having to navigate around to the proper location to upload.

With a catalog you define the structure up front and just start piling things in. It will make the info available so that it can be searched by any of the attributes or combinations there of and can be arrange by them as well.

so going with your scenario, Lead Sheets. Think of the catalog system as a "Warehouse" and in that warehouse we have a Lead Sheets "aisle" or category.

Now, we need to organize that aisle in our warehouse so that we can easily find our music sheets in a manner that makes sense to us. I don't know much about music sheets so pardon the errors here.

We'll setup shelves and bins for the Lead Sheets "aisle", these are the attributes of the category.

So, based on your example we need Artist, Title, Version, Lead Sheet which will allow us to store the Lead sheet in the warehouse.

So, when someone wants to put a Lead sheet in our warehouse the forklift dude is going to ask for the Artist, Title, and Version.
In this case Artist= Beatles, Title= Help, and Version= Original Notation. Forklift dude smiles and says I can do that… BOOM he speeds down the warehouse to the aisle marked Lead Sheets and puts the Lead sheet on the shelf named Artist in a bin named version within a bin named Title and updates his inventory.

Now someone comes by and says "Hey forklift dude, I need a music sheet!" Oh brother, here comes speedy cruising down the warehouse, "Hey bub, we got all kinds of lead sheets, be specific I don't have all day. You looking for a particular Artist, Title, and/or Version?" Wow, Forklift dude is on top of his game right! Ok, so you think alright I want something from the beatles, forklift dude say, "check we got them, but there are tons of them, you wanna come back with me so I can show you the shelf full of stuff?" Na we really only need the song title Help. "Ah yes, we have that in Original Notation only you want it?" Yes please. BOOM forklift dude is gone and back in a flash with the Lead sheet Artist=Beatles,Title=Help,Version= Original Notation

Continuing with your example, we can now tell the forklift dude to store more Lead Sheets just like before giving him the Artist, Title, and Version…

Artist=Beatles Title=Help Version=Transposed to the Key of C
Artist=Beatles Title=Hey Jude Version=Original Notation
ARtist=Beatles Title=Hey Jude Version=Transposed to the Key of C

The beauty here is we're not creating these structures and drilling down to the appropriate place to upload files and what not. We have a single entry point to upload everything and it's magically organized by the forklift dude in the warehouse keeping track of the inventory like we told him. :thumbs:

As if that were not enough, our warehouse is huge, we can continue to break it up into aisles (categories). So we could add Music Teachers for example with the attributes of Name, Address, Phone#, CostperHour

and so on.

I hope this was of some help.

Please feel free to PM me if you need more assistance
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Fan in action


This is awesome !!!! I am going to print this out and absorb it. This must have taken some time to write and I really do appreciate the effort. And the best part of it , is I can really relate to this…….

A big Canadian Bear hug goes your way !!!!

Thanks again

Is there a print function for posts?
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Community saint


If you would like to see a higher level use of the Catalogue system you can check out my site that I am building for a local cat sanctuary. It is not available yet for general consumption hence the IP address. All of the Cats that you see on that page comes from a Catalogue, notice that if you mouse over any of the pictures you get a short discription and if you click on one of the pictures you will get details on that cat. Please note this took a lot of changes in the templates and CSS all performed by ocProducts for a fee. You can see the site here:

Cat's & Kittens - Sundance Ranch Feline Sanctuary

Rick Henson

OCP 4.3.2 & 5.0.1
PHP 5.2.5
MySQL 5.0.51a
FireFox 3.6.8
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Fan in action

Thanks for all the help……..I do have more questions about this…….Please allow me to describe my site….

Right now, the way it is setup , The user goes to the "Download tab " and it takes him to a screen , that is in alphabetical order ( cat1 ) , then if he clicks on the " A ", it takes him to this screen (cat2), now if he clicks on ABBA, he gets to this screen ( cat3 ), and finally if he clicks on " Dancing Queen " , it takes him here ( cat4 ), where he can download the files….

Now the big question for me ……….How will this change if I use the Catalogues ?……..What will the User see when he logs in ?…..I know that I am asking some basic questions but I am missing some basic concepts here !!!

What is the best way for me to start doing this? Perhaps if someone can give me some simple steps to follow, I might be able to follow this…..I am trying to build a Site where Users can search and download Leadsheets from various artists…I expect my database will be in the thousands, so it is very important for me to have a good foundation

Many thanks
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