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#29769 (In Topic #6837)

Community saint

An event that occurs the first Monday in every month.

I would like a Calender event to re occur every month on the first Monday of every month for 1 year starting from March 5th 2007.

Can any members advise the best way to do this? The Monthly option makes the event occur on the 5th of each month and these are not Mondays. I have played around with the Recurrence pattern but not really understood the pattern form for a monthly event.

Interesting you can add events into the Calander Daily, Weekly, Montly, Yearly but not fortnighty.  :)

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Currently the calendar can only do chronologically regular events, which means this isn't really possible. I think the best way around this is to make a weekly event, then write out a very long recurrence pattern that would roughly look like…


The trick is to put 0's for all weeks in the next 12 months, and then replace all the weeks that are at the start of a month with a 1.

It's not great, but the calendar was a real beast to code, we decided to split off some features we originally planned to a second phase of development, that we'd do once the first stage had been well tested 'in the wild'. If we have time during v4 development, this would be a part of v4.

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Community saint

 :lol: I know what developers are like there is NEVER time. Being a developer is like watching time race by and you always need to invent more…  :P I look foward to ver 4 and thanks again for the magnificent efforts you guys apply to this code.
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