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[BUG] Criticising Language Pack Error

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#34974 (In Topic #7908)

Honoured member

ocPortal v3.2.3

When I clicked on "Criticise language pack" in the Adminzone, I get this error:


This string has not been translated: CALENDAR (British English is 'Calendar').


This string has not been translated: IMPROPERLY_FILLED_IN_UPLOAD (British English is 'You did not provide an upload, or you tried to upload a file that is too large').

The number of parameters in this string is incorrect: MISSING_PAGE

This string has not been translated: SCRIPT_URL_HACK_2 (British English is 'Submitted a URL that contained a script').

Not sure if this was fixed in version 3.2.4, but I'll upgrade to see if this fixes the problem. If not, I think it's a bug. :/

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