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Is there a good way to implement multi-user blogs?

While the site I am currently working on will not need this feature, so much of ocP seems like the right tool to re-implement Nicaragua Living | Making Nicaragua a little closer.. It is currently a Drupal 5 site that is long in the tooth. It's eight years old and it needs some serious changes.

While much of what it is/needs to be fits well into ocP features, it would seem that blogs do not. (They also don't really do what we want in Drupal 5.) Every user has their own blog. While most of the traffic goes to Forums and books (much like CEDI here), we want to have something more like the multi-blog capability of Wordpress.

I say something like because I am far from a Wordpress expert but it seems to be the standard. We want individual blogs but multiple ways to find content. By blogger, by recent blog posts and by tags would do it. We would also want to allow the blogger to control comments in their blog–that is, turn them off, require moderation and be able to delete. On the front page we would probably just have a link to Blogs like the current link to Forums.

As I write this I don't think it would be that hard to implement but it doesn't seem to just "be there". I am wondering if anyone has done something like this or someone else needs a similar capability.

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Community saint


ocPortal allows for personal blogs. I can't remember exactly where you set the option but you need to give privileges for the member to add news (which is what blogs really are) in the CMS section.

I'll see if I can find the specific settings but you might want to search the docs for "personal blog".


EDIT: Take a look here for "Personal Categories/Blogs" - ocPortal Tutorial: Advanced news - ocPortal
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yep only thing is comment moderation permission is not tied to the ownership

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