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Moving NicaLiving from Drupal 5 to ocP

This all started back in Life got in the way of any serious progress but I am back at it. Actually, I have pretty much built what I want locally but data conversion remains the big issue.

I have learned a lot -- about both my site and ocP. At this point my conversion picture looks quite different than I had originally expected. Here are the details:
  • Users need to be moved over -- I see this as easy.
  • Blogs need to be moved over -- This is a bit harder mostly because of what you find inside Drupal 5.
  • Galleries -- I see the ocP import but it just imports the photos, not titles, descriptions, ...
  • Drupal book pages to Wiki+ -- I have done this manually as lots of changes/updates were needed and there were only a few hundred pages.
The big change is that I have pretty much decided to discard the forums. A bit of sampling tells me that that the majority of what is in the forums is either noise or outdated. Thus, over time, I will cull out the real stuff and add it to the Wiki+. The new site will have forums but they will no longer be the focus of the site.

Chris previously suggested I break up the various conversions into different forum posts. That does make sense and I will soon do that. The delay being "life" plus Internet connectivity issues.
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