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Automatically sort catalogue listings by most recently added

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#51739 (In Topic #11294)

Fan in action

Sort catalogue entry dates by add_date


I'm wondering if there is a simple way of getting catalogue entries to automatically display in order of the most recently added?

I know there are blocks for "most recent 20" etc. and list all content but what I want is something that just alters the sorting of the default returned catalogue entries…anyone else had a need for this?

From what I've seen you can add sort parameters for fields in your catalogue but I cannot work out how to get the add_date added to that list. Had a look in catalogue.php and can see where various sort options are being set but I really would like to avoid having to code something into the PHP. Is there a way of achieving this with some sort of tempcode or url parameters?


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Community saint


I have not tried this but I would try adding a new field and change the field type to Sequential Number, then set the Defines Order to Ascending or Descending and if you don't want to see that field then un-check the box Visible.

Rick Henson

OCP 4.3.2 & 5.0.1
PHP 5.2.5
MySQL 5.0.51a
FireFox 3.6.8
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