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Automatic forum posting

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#86465 (In Topic #17678)

Honoured member

Hey everyone,

I am trying to set up a couple of automatic forum posts, in particular i would like to have a birthday thread that is automatically posted on peoples birthdays.

I've been searching all the settings and cant find it anywhere, but i know its possible because there is a couple of mentions of it. Including;

Primary Public Forum said

The name of the primary forum, where certain kinds of automatic topic are created, including “Happy Birthday” topics.


Create/link-to birthday topic
(Located in Style » Translate website content » global)

Any idea how i set this up? or is a relic of an old feature?
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Honoured member

Another similar question, someone mentioned that its possible to have something posted in the forums populate in a catalog, specifically with the FAQ.

I unwittingly deleted the default FAQ. Although i have recreated the FAQ catalog im not sure how to set up the forum integration.
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