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Arabic language for 5.0.rc1

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#61276 (In Topic #13330)

Fan in action

I am working on translating ocPortal 4.3.2 language files to Arabic language

and lately I installed ocPortal 5.0.rc1 on another site

, but when I tried to use the ocPortal 4.3.2 arabic files I got many errors in the pages
Quote :
A language entry is missing

I noticed that two languages files were added ( emaillog.ini + realtime_rain.ini ) and one file was removed (wml.ini ) in version 5.0.rc1 .

In your (Changes in 5 ) News : you did not mention about these changes that affect language files .
so please inform me if I have to start a new translation to version 5.0.rc1 or determine the files that may have changes in this release .

Thank you

My site (EJOGATE.COM) . The First Arabic Site Uses ocPortal !

ocPortal Arabic Support

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